Vitamin D Deficiency in Elderly



Post menopausal ladies suffer from vitamin D deficiency but it is also very common in elderly males. All of them should take proper supplements and sunlight exposure. Most of our vitamin D is made in our skin by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. You are at risk of a vitamin D deficiency if you have too little sunlight exposure. This may happen if you spend a lot of time indoors or cover most of your skin with clothing.

It is important to get enough sunlight to produce vitamin D without increasing your risk of skin cancer. In summer, many fair skinned people make enough vitamin D from having their hands, arms and face (or equivalent area of skin) in the sun for a few minutes each day during normal, day to day outdoor activities. If you have body aches, weak bones or tiredness kindly get your vitamin D level checks.

We at vardaan senior citizen center ensure that all our seniors are properly exposed to sunlight and periodic checks are done.


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