Vitamin D Deficiency in Elderly



Post menopausal ladies suffer from vitamin D deficiency but it is also very common in elderly males. All of them should take proper supplements and sunlight exposure. Most of our vitamin D is made in our skin by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. You are at risk of a vitamin D deficiency if you have too little sunlight exposure. This may happen if you spend a lot of time indoors or cover most of your skin with clothing.

It is important to get enough sunlight to produce vitamin D without increasing your risk of skin cancer. In summer, many fair skinned people make enough vitamin D from having their hands, arms and face (or equivalent area of skin) in the sun for a few minutes each day during normal, day to day outdoor activities. If you have body aches, weak bones or tiredness kindly get your vitamin D level checks.

We at vardaan senior citizen center ensure that all our seniors are properly exposed to sunlight and periodic checks are done.


Problems of Elderly Women



Elderly Menopausal ladies suffer from involuntary passage of urine while coughing or doing strenuous exercise. This problem is known as Stress Incontinence .They are aware of this problem but are not willing to discuss this issue with family members or their health care provider. Different studies have shown an approximately 30-35% incidence of this problem in the menopausal ladies.

Stress incontinence is involuntary leakage of urine and is more common in elderly especially the females. It is an embarrassing problem and roughly .35%of the women suffer from urinary incontinence. Dr. Victor Nitti, Urologist, NYU Medical Centre, says that less than half of patients with incontinence talk with their doctor about it. If in a place like USA women are embarrassed to discuss about it then imagine the plight of Indian woman suffering from this problem.

The problems become so embarrassing at times that women become social recluses. They shun going to public to public places and are scared of coughing or laughing or sneezing.

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal gynecologist who runs Vardaan Senior Citizen and Rehabilitation Center says that there is a solution to every problem and good bladder rehabilitation combine with a couple of drugs and in few cases surgical intervention takes care of the problem and once again the ladies can become confident.

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Old Age Home – A Safe Abode for Elderly People



The life span of humans has increased in recent times due to good medical facilities and good maintenance of life. Old people are increasing in number in the present world. People are more into believing in nuclear family concepts than joint and extended family. The job requirements make people leave their homeland and stay at distant places. It is not always possible to look after old parents when one has to survive in the competitive job market. But they feel distressed about leaving behind their parents back home. Old people are vulnerable to sickness and other disabilities. Keeping these old people in old age homes can be a brilliant idea. Read More…

Old Age Homes – A Safe Abode for Old People



Indian believed in joint family system for a long time and believed in the interdependency of parents and children during several ages. The thinking of family bondage and strengthening of relationships are vanishing due to changing times. Most old aged people are left with their solitude in empty homes when their children have gone too far to find their dreams. Old age homes can come to the rescue in such cases. The lonely and paranoid individuals can go to these places and get complete care when they have restricted mobility and suffering from chronic illness for a long time. Read More…